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Carisbrooke Priory – Architectural & Structural Engineering

We have obtained Listed Building Consent and Building Regulation Approval for the upgrading of a disused two bedroom flat to provide accommodation and potential income stream. The project has been put out to tender by Elmstone Design LLP but unfortunately delayed due to discovery of urgent chimney repairs required and it is hoped works will commence shortly now these urgent works are complete.

GJ Banks under the direction of Elmstone Design have recently completed repair and re-building of 3 chimneys  and the Bell Tower to make these safe; it was a privalage to be the first to hear the Bell ring after it having been silent for 20 years which was an added benefit of the repair works. Elmstone Design LLP continue to advise the trustees in relation to fabric and structural repairs of the Priory.

Carisbrooke Priory is a Christian Retreat in a Grade II Priory on the Isle of Wight, who welcome everyone, but especially those who are struggling with mental illness or just seeking peace of mind. Further Information is available, and Donations can be, at www.carisbrookepriory.org.uk

Elizabeth, Dowager Duchess of Clare provided a new Priory to The Dominican Order of Contemplative Nuns in 1866 designed by Gilbert Blount in Gothic style with a Pugin influence. Blount had been an apprentice to Brunel, the great Engineer who designed the Grade I Listed Atmospheric Railway Pumping Station, the conversion of which was one of John’s first projects after University.

Hail Star of the Sea; Save the Imperilled; Free the Souls of the Departed 1866
Isle of Wight County Press 13 September 2013
Carisbrooke Priory
View of Priory from Tower
Entrance Drive

Quotes and Client Testimonials

"John Sutton is an architectural engineer – maybe a bit like Mr Spock mind-melds Frank Lloyd Wright. Deciding to hire John for what grew into a demo-rebuild of our small cottage in Ryde turned out to be pounds well-spent. We’re from the US (10 years in UK). It’s been challenging to re-learn work processes and the like in what is known here as a ‘self-build’ project. We had to trust the knowledge and judgment of a professional we hired entirely on reputation. What could go wrong? Well, it was a good decision: John as Elmstone Design took us through design and planning issues in a conservation area, gaining planning permission having listened closely to our needs whilst making the case for what is quite a change. We’re readying for next stages now. We like working with John and his work, but we’ll still make this review just 4 stars. Got to hold something til the end, don’t we?"- Yell Review 1