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East Cowes House Extension

This project received the support of the local town council because the 3D images of the design demonstrated its low impact on the neighbourhood and immediate neighbours. The original project was costed and came within the budget costs although change in client’s requirements lead to a new scheme being designed by Elmstone Design LLP and the obtaining of Planning Permission. The revised project has now started on site and hopefully will be nearing completion soon.

The glass is in, doors open
Glass is in, doors closed
Now the painting begins
And so it begins...
Walls to DPC; steel frame next...
Steel Frame nearing completion
Walls and Roof underway
Mezzanine Level over replanned existing rooms
View from the Mezzanine
View from the mezzanine edge down to family room
Insulation nearly complete
That little bump on the roof hides quite a lot!
The roof is on; now where's the glass...
Single Ply Membrane Gutter
Elevations of revised scheme
Elevations and Section of revised scheme
View from Street
View of original scheme showing extension on right
Aerial view of original scheme extension
Aerial View of Original Scheme extension (top middle)

Quotes and Client Testimonials

"John Sutton is an architectural engineer – maybe a bit like Mr Spock mind-melds Frank Lloyd Wright. Deciding to hire John for what grew into a demo-rebuild of our small cottage in Ryde turned out to be pounds well-spent. We’re from the US (10 years in UK). It’s been challenging to re-learn work processes and the like in what is known here as a ‘self-build’ project. We had to trust the knowledge and judgment of a professional we hired entirely on reputation. What could go wrong? Well, it was a good decision: John as Elmstone Design took us through design and planning issues in a conservation area, gaining planning permission having listened closely to our needs whilst making the case for what is quite a change. We’re readying for next stages now. We like working with John and his work, but we’ll still make this review just 4 stars. Got to hold something til the end, don’t we?"- Yell Review 1